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A charming red and white tiny mushroom.
Code: PL029555 / 66650
A vibrant and enchanting red mushroom made from ceramic. Sure to add a magical touch to any space.
Code: PL029554 / 66649
Introduce character to the home with this unique mushroom ornament which has been crafted from mango wood and metal
Code: PL065433 / 63069
A natural mushroom ornament made from mango wood and hammered metal. With texture and character
Code: PL065216 / 63092
A beautifully textured seasonal accessory to add to your interior setting. In warming honey, cream and brown colours
Code: PL175182 / 63023
A charming wooden mushroom house with hand painted details and beautiful 3D features.
Code: PL449938 / 67686
A beautifully crafted and enchanting wooden mushroom house. Complete with 3D features and charming painted details.
Code: PL449937 / 67685
A delightful ceramic mushroom ornament with whimsical reactive glazing
Code: PL029159 / 66898
An enchantingly whimsical mushroom boasting a reactive glaze finish
Code: PL029152 / 66895
An enchanting mango wood mushroom adorned with a glazed top and autumnal pattern.
Code: PL069570 / 66863
A small glazed ceramic mushroom in grey
Code: PL029559 / 66654
Showing 40 of 41