A charming collection of seasonal decorative accessories for the home. A playful and eclectic mix of Wholesale Autumnal gifts and interiors including Wholesale Halloween ornaments and decorations, guaranteed to add depth and character to the corners of the home.
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A stunningly enchanting LED pumpkin house complete with a reactive glaze.
Code: PL028432 / 66488
A stylish and contemporary Pumpkin T-Light Holder, featuring a reactive glaze finish
Code: PL028431 / 66484
A charming ceramic pumpkin-filled trailer featuring a natural reactive glaze.
Code: PL028444 / 66487
Our best selling bunny is back and ready for this season's Halloween party.
Code: PL023690 / 60945
A beautifully detailed resin bunny ornament, dressed for a party in a wonderful black and red vampire cape.
Code: PL023696 / 60944
An assortment of 3 beautifully detailed wise owl ornaments, each with a black witches hat and dangling legs.
Code: PL023698 / 60943
An adorable keepsake item whatever the occasion. This miniature fox ornament is as cute as can be
Code: PL025706 / 65026
Fall in love with this adorable porcelain bear ornament. With a cute painted face and speckled finish.
Code: PL025696 / 65025
Introduce character to the home with this unique mushroom ornament which has been crafted from mango wood and metal
Code: PL065433 / 63069
Add warmth and texture to the home this season with this stylish chunky wooden star in black.
Code: PL065302 / 63040
A chunky wooden star made from mango wood. Complete with a black painted finish with visible wood grain.
Code: PL065301 / 63039
A stylish and contemporary star made from natural mango wood. With visible wood grain and a black painted finish.
Code: PL065300 / 63038
An enchanting toadstool ornament of the home. With a mango wood base and richly coloured enamel cap with an irregular
Code: PL069983 / 67891
A whimsical woodland ornament made from natural mango wood with an enamel cap.
Code: PL069982 / 67890
A truly enchanting interior accessory. Highly decorated with a whimsical gnome, toadstool and rabbit design.
Code: PL069981 / 67889
A unique wooden mushroom with a decorative enamel cap featuring an enchanted woodland design.
Code: PL069980 / 67888
Showing 40 of 65