Christmas Gonks

Discover our joyful collection of wholesale Christmas Gonks. These curious Scandinavian creatures are much loved by all. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns our unrivalled collection of Christmas Gonks will bring a smile to your customers faces this festive season. 
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An adorable mini light up decoration in a gonk design with a cut out star
Code: PL024490 / 61731
A chic ceramic gonk ornament with warm glow led lights inside. A shiny white ceramic item which looks beautiful when lit
Code: PL024491 / 61730
Fall in love with this adorable gonk ornament, decorated in dainty red polka dot hearts.
Code: PL024178 / 61689
A beautiful and unique ceramic gonk decoration with red polka dot hearts and a rustic jute string hanger.
Code: PL024176 / 61688
An assortment of 2 fabulous Christmas tree gonk decorations. Each has a tree hat adorned with fabric lights and a star.
Code: PL024440 / 61684
A chic gonk ornament with a polka dot hat and detailed beard.
Code: PL024453 / 61720
A charming gonk ornament with a grey pointed hat and striped detail.
Code: PL024485 / 61698
A chic gonk ornament with a sprinkling of festive sparkle with a gold glitter hat.
Code: PL024476 / 61693
A knitted red and white stripy gonk shelf sitter. Adorable with a bendy hat, faux fur beard and wooden button nose.
Code: PL174734 / 62185
A charming gonk decoration with grey faux fur fabric details, striped leg design and fluffy beard.
Code: PL174718 / 62091
A chic fabric Gonk decoration with grey and cream stripy booties with a matching hat.
Code: PL174738 / 62084
A beautiful and stylish fabric gonk decoration in grey and cream stripes with a faux fur beard.
Code: PL174737 / 62081
A charming little gonk figure on wooden ski's
Code: PL173070 / 58051
A charming gonk sat on a wooden sledge
Code: PL173069 / 58050
A charming assortment of 2 gonks
Code: PL173002 / 58049
A charming woodland gonk with cute antlers on wooden skis. A unique gift item and interior decoration this season.
Code: PL173036 / 58047
A cute ceramic mug with Santa gonk design, red and white colour scheme and polka dot details.
Code: PL025550 / 63022
Showing 40 of 169