Pumpkins are integral to Autumn Styling and we have the most spectacular collection of Wholesale pumpkin ornaments available. Layer up for cosy season with our gorgeous collection of pumpkins in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Pumpkins make the perfect finishing touch this cosy season, whether you're creating a rustic Farmhouse aesthetic or seeking something more contemporary with Scandi - vibes, we have an offering for every taste this season. 
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A stunningly enchanting LED pumpkin house complete with a reactive glaze.
Code: PL028432 / 66488
A stylish and contemporary Pumpkin T-Light Holder, featuring a reactive glaze finish
Code: PL028431 / 66484
Snuggle down this season with your favourite warming drink in our fabulous BOO pumpkin mug.
Code: PL023857 / 60956
A charming ceramic pumpkin-filled trailer featuring a natural reactive glaze.
Code: PL028444 / 66487
A charming grey ceramic pumpkin, perfectly simple and elegant and will fit seamlessly in any home.
Code: PL028188 / 66494
Natural Speckled Pumpkin
Code: PL028187 / 66492
An adorable little pumpkin in a stylish sherpa material, with contrasting coloured stalk.
Code: PL024599 / 61748
A stylish ceramic pumpkin with an attractive ribbed surface.
Code: PL024436 / 61842
A charming ceramic pumpkin ornament with a rustic finish and rich natural glaze.
Code: PL024361 / 61827
A Ceramic Pumpkin In A Cool Grey Colouring
Code: PL021088 / 57554
Showing 40 of 93