Candle Holders & Lanterns

A chic and elegant candle holder made from raw aluminium with a matt black finish.
Code: PL065191 / 63078
A rustic star shaped candle holder made from cement and filled with wax.
Code: PL023268 / 60057
A Rustic Concrete Candle in Star Design
Code: PL021539 / 56039
This wooden candle stand has a black painted finish with a simple yet sculptural design.
Code: PL065269 / 63112
A black painted finish wooden candle pillar with a stylish minimalist design.
Code: PL065243 / 63107
A chic candle pillar with black painted finish and a stylish sculptural design.
Code: PL065242 / 63106
A chic candle holder with a matt black finish. A stylish interior accessory for presenting pillar candles.
Code: PL065190 / 63077
 A ceramic T-light holder set in a sleek white tone, complete with a wide star cut decal
Code: PL020065 / 52976
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