Bunny Rabbits

Some Bunny Loves You. Welcome to our gorgeous collection of Wholesale Easter Bunny Rabbits.
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A charming shelf sitting gonk decoration with adorable bunny ears and a white floral detail.
Code: PL148310 / 65176
An adorable and unique gonk decoration dressed with bunny ears.
Code: PL148309 / 65175
A charming wooden bunny ornament with a rustic natural bow and silver heart charm.
Code: PL587455 / 64988
A rustic wooden bunny ornament with a washed natural finish. Complete with a fabric bow and silver heart charm.
Code: PL587454 / 64983
A delightful pair of wooden bunny ornaments
Code: PL587420 / 64980
Pink and grey assorted gonk hangers, each with flexible fabric bunny ears.
Code: PL848103 / 64464
A Charmingly Delightful White Rabbit with Grey Stripe Details
Code: PL021419 / 56401
A beautifully crafted seasonal decoration with charming garden themed details including dungarees and a watering can.
Code: PL028794 / 66100
An adorable sitting bunny decoration with green wellington boots and a rustic jute bow. A must have garden themed gift.
Code: PL028793 / 66099
Together is our favourite place to be. A charming and unique ornament featuring 3 bunnies and a chalkboard style sign.
Code: PL028791 / 66101
Add a hint of countryside to the home decor with this cast iron door wedge in a rabbit design.
Code: PL808516 / 65941
A chic bunny ornament with a natural reactive glaze.
Code: PL028272 / 64864
A chic and contemporary porcelain ornament featuring a large and small bunny figure.
Code: PL023243 / 64514
An adorable bunny ornament featuring two bunnies embracing.
Code: PL023244 / 64513
Dainty and charming Porcelain Bunny in white, 8cm
Code: PL023239 / 63758
A charming shelf sitting gonk in a stunning sage green colour. Complete with bunny ears.
Code: PL021927 / 60054
Showing 40 of 106