Light Up

What is Christmas without a twinkling light and a warm ambient setting? Create your own with our stunning collection of light up decorations, including Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and ornaments from Gonks to Angels and everything in-between.
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An adorable mini light up decoration in a gonk design with a cut out star
Code: PL024490 / 61731
A chic ceramic gonk ornament with warm glow led lights inside. A shiny white ceramic item which looks beautiful when lit
Code: PL024491 / 61730
A chic ceramic Santa ornament with stars and a warm glow LED light.
Code: PL024492 / 61667
 A gorgeously simple ceramic tree ornament with a warm glowing LED centre
Code: PL020428 / 54865
A small ceramic church inspired decoration, set with a high pointed steeple, white tone and warm led light from inside
Code: PL020409 / 53391
A chic and simple LED centred house with only a smooth white glaze finish
Code: PL020407 / 53390
A charming little ceramic gonk set with star cut decals and neutral colour tones
Code: PL020322 / 53349
 Set with its warm glowing LED centre, this delightful character is sure to bring a Country Charm feel to any Christmas
Code: PL020321 / 53348
A light up ceramic house decoration with cut out design including heart motif.
Code: PL024369 / 61834
A ceramic church decoration with stylish white finish, cut out design and light up features.
Code: PL024368 / 61832
A charmingly simple ceramic house decoration complete with a warm glowing LED centre
Code: PL020439 / 53401
A sweet little angel decoration
Code: PL023052 / 58999
Showing 40 of 88