A charming heart trinket featuring the phrase 'Be Mine' at its center.
Code: PL026058 / 65654
A chic and simplistic heart shaped hanger designed for all the mums.
Code: PL028507 / 65833
A charming mini heart shaped token with Best friend wording and a dainty heart print.
Code: PL026059 / 66098
A Small Wooden Hanging Decoration
Code: PL072121 / 57358
Send a message of love, positivity and good will with this assortment of 6 natural marble slogan hearts.
Code: PL768373 / 65334
A lovely wooden box containing 40 pebble hearts, each with quotes and mini illustrations.
Code: PL767253 / 65330
A chic porcelain heart with pocket hug engraved onto the surface.
Code: PL026061 / 65656
A fine quality, silver hanging heart decoration with a textured surface finish. Complete with jute string hanger.
Code: PL060053 / 53202
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